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Who we are

The Albanian Human Rights Group, established in 1996, is a non-governmental and non-profit organization aiming to work for the respect, protection and fulfillment of human rights in Albania. The work of the AHRG takes departure in the rights of citizens and the obligations of the government as outlined in the Constitution of Albania and as provided for international human rights law.

In light of AHRG’s present achievements and future priorities, the overall objectives have been identified as below:

The overall objective of AHRG is to promote the awareness on human rights and the right to defend rights and in particular on human rights obligations to enhance the protection and defense of human rights and in particular the rule of law to promote the recognition, respect, protection and fulfillment of economic, social and cultural rights in Albanian society

In pursuance of AHRG’s overall objectives, three main strategies will be employed:

  • Human Rights Defense Strategies;
  • Monitoring and Documentation of Human Rights Violations;
  • and Human Rights Advocacy.

The three strategies are closely interrelated and they are likely to produce synergy-effects.

Who we are

AHRG is one of the main counseling partners of international organizations in Albania regarding reports, results, opinions on the events and different problems of human rights in Albania...

Our Network Group

Albanian Human Rights Group is branch of Worldwide Human Rights Movement (FIDH) with its center in Paris and member of Atlantic Human Rights Consortium (USA-Canada).

Minority Rights Academy

For the first time in Albania a Summer School on Minority rights was organized in two consecutive years, which was also the starting point for a yearly initiative...