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Our Vision

AHRG is unique in Albania in the first field as the only NGO doing legal representation and thereby legally defending the rights of victims. Related to this overall strategy is the work of the Complaints Center with legal advice and legal representation, with legal reform initiatives and initiatives such as the project on International Criminal Court, which deals with the rule of law at national and international level and the end to impunity.

Also in the field of monitoring, AHRG has had considerable achievements in the past and it has proved an important tool in keeping governments accountable and in constructively proposing structural reforms. The Annual Human Rights Report, the monitoring of minority rights, etc. fall within this overall strategy. The departure in monitoring and documentation of violations opens very favorable opportunities for AHRG also in the field of advocacy, which when explored further will strengthen AHRG’s unique profile within advocacy too. Within the advocacy strategy fall well-known activities such as public statements, campaign on the International Criminal Court and advocacy initiatives derived from the projects on minorities, health and disabled etc.

However, most projects of AHRG will employ a combination of strategies and exactly the combination of the three intervention strategies in defense, advocacy and monitoring will be very conductive to enhancing the overall impact of AHRG in the future. AHRG will thus be working with a trinity of strategies that will address the respect, protection and fulfillment of human rights and the rule of law.

Who we are

AHRG is one of the main counseling partners of international organizations in Albania regarding reports, results, opinions on the events and different problems of human rights in Albania...

Our Network Group

Albanian Human Rights Group is branch of Worldwide Human Rights Movement (FIDH) with its center in Paris and member of Atlantic Human Rights Consortium (USA-Canada).

Minority Rights Academy

For the first time in Albania a Summer School on Minority rights was organized in two consecutive years, which was also the starting point for a yearly initiative...