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Minority Rights Academy

This project is supported by German Embassy and is one of the main projects AHRG is working on. An agreement between German Ambassador Mr. Hellmut Hoffmann and Mrs. Elsa Ballauri, the director of AHRG signed the agreement for the project which started in August till end of December 2014. This is the third activity of the Minority Rights Academy / MRA.


For the first time in Albania a Summer School on Minority rights was organized in three consecutive years, which was also the starting point for a yearly initiative, the Minority Rights Academy outlined as a summer school. The Summer School gathered minority representatives as well as young people and students. The representatives of minorities were identified by their organization which sent a final list approved by the Network board. They both lasted one week (five working days) and the venue chosen was Voskopoja, in Korca, which is a known region for the diversity of minorities and ethnic and cultural groups living there and the participants were chosen as per below mention procedures:


-Firstly through pre-selection made by all organizations that are part of the network


-Secondly, through an open call to be distributed to the Internet in all associations, civil society institutions, universities, etc.


During the selection process, the level of training and a commitment toward discrimination was taken in consideration.


The Summer School accepted local government representatives / institutions and departments that had links and cooperation with minorities.


There were 45 students and about 30 people, representatives and leaders of the minority organizations, part of the network.


The program of Summer School focused on:


1-The discrimination phenomenon the strategy of addressing the phenomena.


2-Tolerance and prejudices


3-Actual situation: social and political problems,


4-History and culture of each minority,


5-The role of the new generation of minorities in Albania


6-Minorities and media.


The Summer School prepared the ground for a new refreshing initiative, which was the Minority Right Academy, aiming to preserve and ensure the sustainability of the Summer School for Minorities and Marginalized groups.

ThMRA 3, lasted five working days and was packed with workshops and activities. Several lectors were part of the initiative and were engaged in daily activities in the summer school.

Who we are

AHRG is one of the main counseling partners of international organizations in Albania regarding reports, results, opinions on the events and different problems of human rights in Albania...

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Albanian Human Rights Group is branch of Worldwide Human Rights Movement (FIDH) with its center in Paris and member of Atlantic Human Rights Consortium (USA-Canada).

Minority Rights Academy

For the first time in Albania a Summer School on Minority rights was organized in two consecutive years, which was also the starting point for a yearly initiative...