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Anti Discrimination Training


Five First Instance Courts in Albania :

Elbasan, Berat, Vlore, Korce, Shkoder


1 July 2013 – 31 August 2014

   One of the big issues facing the Albanian society is the issue of discrimination. Discrimination has its roots in the traditional psychology of the Albanian society, which was very patriarchal, conservative and also isolated throughout history.

The project was focused in this relationship; how to solve the question of discrimination in Albanian society in order to make the communication of individual/group and the courts smoother and understandable.

The Anti Discrimination Law makes the role of judges more active and concrete. The Anti Discrimination Law is the one which will help and make better the lives of minority groups and marginalized communities, such as ethnic minorities, Roma and Egyptians, women and children, handicaps, homosexuals, etc.


    The Project of trainings of judges on Anti Discrimination Law (ADL) in 5 First Instance Courts, respectively Korçe, Shkoder, Elbasan, Vlore and Berat, started on 1 July.


The project fulfilled two main goals:


To build / increase the knowledge of the judges with the Law on Antidiscrimination


To gather suggestions from judges of the five district courts how to improve the existant law for a better implementation.


The agreement meeting was established on 26 November, 2013 between the AHRG, Dutch Embassy and the Magistrate School / the main body which is responsible for the trainings of judges. The director of AHRG Elsa Ballauri and the Director of Magistrate School, Mr. Neshat  Fana, in the presence of the Dutch Ambassador in Tirana, Mr. Martin De la Beij, signed the agreement of the cooperation for the whole process of trainings in five First Instance Courts.


In the first 6 months AHRG started the work to establish communication and partnership with the partners such as experts, lawyers, district courts, journalists, volunteers, programmers and designers, representatives of the communities, with the Office of Commissioner, media etc.

The good collaboration made the project successful.

AHRG staff also had frequent meetings with the legal experts, who have been part of the trainings. These trainers are mainly professors of the magistrate School ore experts in the field of human rights laws.

A very good collaboration is built with the Office of Commissioner Against Discrimination, Mrs. Irma Baraku and her staff.


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AHRG is one of the main counseling partners of international organizations in Albania regarding reports, results, opinions on the events and different problems of human rights in Albania...

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Albanian Human Rights Group is branch of Worldwide Human Rights Movement (FIDH) with its center in Paris and member of Atlantic Human Rights Consortium (USA-Canada).

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For the first time in Albania a Summer School on Minority rights was organized in two consecutive years, which was also the starting point for a yearly initiative...